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February 2, 2010

Is this the phone you wish Nokia would make?

Recombu-Ovi-OrionLONDON, England – Every now and then creative types banish the thought of practical reality and create something a little bit magical. This week it’s the turn of the folks over at mobile phone website, Recombu and their Ovi Orion concept device. Flatteringly, they’ve given the device the Nokia tag (though it’s not an official prototype!) and come up with a rather splendid name for it too. Last year Charlie wrote about the range of devices Nokia produces, but also about creating devices for very specific needs. It’s an interesting concept, and one the boys at Recombu have taken to heart.

The renders of the Ovi Orion do look impressive and it certainly has an air of want about it. The concept is a new gaming phone, with the team there asking why there isn’t one. They call it an evolution of N-Gage and by the looks of the concept, it actually goes much further than that. They’ve even produced a neat little video to show it off. Check it out below and read the full story on Recombu. Let us know what you think in the comments below.