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February 3, 2010

Guessing hats on. What’s the new Digital Chocolate game coming to Ovi Store?

dictator-defenseGLOBAL – Digital Chocolate is one of the most prolific producers of mobile games out there, and they have another hit headed to the Ovi Store this month.

Here’s a fun idea: Try and guess what it is… Not just for kicks, but for good old fashioned prizes. See, we have licenses for 3D Tower Bloxx Deluxe on PC to give away to the first five readers who guess correctly. Join us after the jump for clues and details on where to send your guesses.

Here’s a cheat sheet of all Digital Chocolates existing mobile titles to help you along in your guess quest. Let’s limit it to three guesses per person. Email your answers to [email protected].

Another hint: It’s not Dictator Defense. That just came out on the Ovi Store, and is a whole mess of fun, and you can download the demo now. Here’s a little blurb on what it’s about, to warm up those grey cells as you begin on this exciting little guess-capade…

Defend your precious homeland against evil dictators in up to 40 levels of wacky tower defense! Fight off up to 9 different types of enemy units to out flank crazy world leaders like Arnold Steelarms, Linda Skull & others! Strategically arm your troops from an arsenal of electrifier rays, flame throwers & more! Plus, evolve your own Hero soldier level-by-level to create the ultimate combat weapon!


Happy guessing!