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GLOBAL – Within a week of going live, Ovi Maps with free navigation burst through the 1 million downloads milestone. What’s more, downloads are averaging one download per second, 24 hours a day Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president at Nokia said. The game changing update to Ovi Maps, which now includes free walk and drive navigation alongside a host of additional location-based services, was bound to be a popular option for users.

In brief

  • Latest Ovi Maps his 1m downloads
  • Provides free global turn by turn navigation
  • All new models to offer it from next month

Nokia is determined to lead the market in mobile maps, navigation and location-based services. This first step is a key part of rolling out location and map-based services, quickly activating a massive user base.

“This is great news for our third party application developers. Within a matter of days there is an installed base of more than 1 million active users all potentially hungry for new and innovative location-aware apps” Anssi said.

As of the end of January, the top five countries downloading the new version of Ovi Maps were: China, Italy, UK, Germany and Spain. The most popular devices included the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N97, Nokia 5230 and the Nokia E72.

Starting next month, all new Nokia GPS-enabled smartphones will include the new version of Ovi Maps along with local country map data and access to Michelin and Lonely Planet travel guides at no extra cost. This is on top of the free walk and drive navigation.