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February 12, 2010

Results of where you think Nokia should be driving innovation

N900-150-gamingGLOBAL – Last week we stretched the handsome balloon marked Nokia innovation, scribbled a few questions on it, filled it with helium and released it into the blustery sky for Conversations-based contemplation. In other words, we had a reader poll (in fact we had two), asking you to share your thoughts on where Nokia should be driving innovation both within the smartphone realm and elsewhere in the company. Over 1,000 of you voted, with many of you sharing your valuable and insightful thoughts in the comments section. Read on to get the full lowdown of the results.

Where is there most scope for innovation in smartphones?

Innovation in the arena of smartphone tech is a much-discussed topic, and you voted in your droves to share your ideas. Of the 13 options we laid out before you, the number one slot and area where you collectively see most scope for innovation in smartphones is operating systems, securing 15.1% of the vote. Clearly indicating that for many of you the platform for delivering a mobile experience is where the greatest opportunity lies for innovating in high-end handsets. With that in mind, and considering Symbian and Maemo, what sorts of innovations would you like to see in each of these operating systems in the future?

Neatly in second place is apps and services (13.8%), again showcasing the broader shift from the old days of raw hardware obsession towards a fresh-faced excitement for the entire mobile experience and the importance of total-package solutions offered by smartphones.

Interestingly, in third place is battery life with a healthy 12.7% of the vote. In the many polls we’ve run in recent months, battery continually rises as a prominent and significant feature when we’ve discussed products here on Conversations. When you think about innovation in this space, what would you like to see happen with smartphone battery life – is there a picture you have in your mind as a great success that should be aimed for? Let us know in the comments section below.

In fourth position with 9.1% is design, with the new and exciting realm of Augmented Reality (7.8%) landing in fifth place – in case you missed it, we posted our report on the real-world pilot of Nokia Point & Find in the UK earlier this week.

Nokia Point & Find real world pilot in UK: Hands-on report (part one)
Nokia Point & Find real-world pilot in UK – hands-on report (part two)

Where would you like to see Nokia concentrate its innovation efforts elsewhere in the company?

In our second poll the majority of you voted for future technologies (29%) as the area where you would most like to see Nokia focussing its its attention innovation-wise. Research and development is one of those exciting and glamourous areas that ignites interest in many camps, especially here on Conversations – so much so that we’ve devoted an entire section to it, and remain fascinated and continually surprised at the concepts and innovations that continue to emerge from the Nokia Research Centre.

Operating systems were included again as an option here, earning second place with 24.6% of the vote, punctuating the significance highlighted above. In third place, it’s really encouraging to see free global navigation services (11.8%), particularly in the knowledge that many developers are already beginning to exploit and develop Ovi Maps apps with location and navigation front of mind. What particular innovations would you most like to witness in this area over time?

Fourth place goes to the mobile computing and the Nokia Booklet 3G, with fifth place taken by mid-range devices.

Let us know your thoughts on these results, along with any overall opinions you might have on innovation within Nokia in the comments section directly below.