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February 14, 2010

Where is Nokia at Mobile World Congress? Everywhere!

mwc-onceBARCELONA, Spain – Let’s be honest, conferences are massive noisy venues where hoards of people push themselves from one place to another like herds of cattle. Not an ideal setting to converse with media, customers, investors, analysts and invited guests, don’t you think? So Nokia is trying something new this year, we’re spreading out!

Nokia is moving its home base to ONCE (headquarters to Spain’s National Association of the Blind), just 300 meters from the FIRA, a venue that can truly accommodate all our guests. In it you’ll find multiple levels containing lounges, demos, meeting rooms, catering, and an auditorium. Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video coming later today for a sneak peek.

In addition to our off campus location, you’ll find NAVTEQ’s booth in Hall 1 (#1D59). Qt has their own booth in Hall 1 as well (#1E44). Nokia Siemens Networks will have a hospitality booth in Hall 8 (#8C01 + 8C03) plus a press/analyst briefing at ONCE. Nokia will be sponsoring the WIPJam developer event at the App Planet sideshow in Hall 7. And Nokia will have a total of eight speakers participating in MWC panels.

Being the world’s largest handset maker makes it challenging to keep the entire company one single location, so apologies in advance for making everyone walk around, but after all that Spanish Sangria and payaya…the exercise could do you well. But most importantly, we hope our guests will find this relaxed atmosphere a refreshing change to the conferences of old. I know I will!

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