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February 16, 2010

Nokia and Intel folk chat about MeeGo vision on camera

MeeGo-Nokia-Ari-JaaksiBARCELONA, Spain – Yesterday we were stoked to witness Nokia and Intel announce the fusion of Maemo and Moblin to create the all-new MeeGo platform. One of the most exciting aspects of this new open source Linux-based platform is how instantly adaptable MeeGo promises to be across a range of products, starting this year – it’s been designed to work neatly across a broad spectrum of kit, including mobile computers, tablets, mediaphones, netbooks, even spreading its tentacles as far as connected televisions and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Alongside the announcement came the launch of a new website to support the platform – if you’re interested in staying in the loop and getting involved there are a bunch of smart Community tools that will let you join in on wikis, find out about events, follow blogs and more. As I keenly skipped around the site earlier, I stumbled across a new video that almost slipped through the net – it sees Intel Vice President, Doug Fisher, and a bunch of Nokia folk, including Ari Jaaksi, Nokia Vice President, chat about the new platform and the opportunities MeeGo opens up. Click through and hit play to watch the video in full.

What do you think about the new MeeGo platform? Scribble down your thoughts in the comments section due south.