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February 18, 2010

Mashable interviews Head of Nokia Research Center, Henry Tirri

Henry-TirriGLOBALMashable has posted a great interview with Henry Tirri. He’s the guy at the helm of the Nokia Research Center, scouring new horizons with meerkat-like intensity for fresh opportunities, as he and his teams dotted around the globe explore new tech frontiers.

Barb Dybwad over at Mashable got a chance to chat with Henry at TED and ask him a heap of intriguing questions, resulting in a string of fascinating responses. Highlights include questions on the involvement of biology in the future of phones, and whether we’ll have phones implanted in our bodies. Plus, Henry gives his thoughts on which emerging technologies will play the biggest role in the next five to ten years. He also responds to questions around the resurgence of the tablet form factor, how 4G will impact our communications, touches on the whole cloud computing hot topic, and much more.

Read the full Mashable interview here >>