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GLOBALNokia lottery is a scam. I said it a second time just to be clear. Nokia doesn’t do the lottery, or give away large sums of money. Nokia scam seems to be an increasingly popular search term and whilst people are becoming increasingly aware, scammers continue to bait innocent people to part with their hard earned money. Nokia lottery is a scam (there, a third time, just to be super clear).

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We’ve been lucky on Conversations where plenty of readers, and inquisitive potential victims have kindly pasted the details of the scam letters, emails and textsthey’ve received on our story about the Nokia Lottery Scam. If you haven’t seen them, the story and comments are worth checking out.

We’ve even had comments (unapproved) from the folks behind the scam saying that they’ve received their winnings and moved from London to live in Mexico with their £350,000 winnings. Funny then, that their IP address originates in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nokia is a trusted brand and it’s not nice when people misuse it to scam innocent folks with the lure of a lottery win. The scam, known as an advance fee fraud, nearly always follows the same format. Users get a text or an email saying they’ve won in the Nokia Lottery and that they need to send money, or airtime vouchers (which is like money) in order to receive their winnings. Nokia doesn’t do the lottery, or scams, so please, as Charlie said before, beware.

On a wider note, if you ever get something that looks too good to be true, check it out on – they document lots of online scams.

You can find an official response on the Nokia discussion forums. As they suggest, if you want to receive info about Nokia promotions, then sign up for My Nokia.

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