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February 23, 2010

Explore and Share – Nokia shows ultra-fast wireless data transfer concept

Explore-and-share-NokiaHELSINKI, Finland – Explore and Share is the the latest concept to erupt from the grey matter of the folk over at the Helsinki branch of the Nokia Research Center. This fast new wireless data transfer concept has been captured on film at one of the Nokia retail stores – Jyri Hämäläinen steps in front of the lens on the behalf of the Nokia Research Center to show you what it can do. In the video he walks you through a live example of how it can be used, including wirelessly transferring an entire music album onto a phone in less than 10 seconds. Click through to watch the full demo.

This fresh concept and working prototype has been tailored to fit in the retail environment, and as Jyri explains, it could be used to fill a device you’ve just bought with stacks of the best apps, tunes, games and any other flavour of digital content, within moments.

Explore and Share is based on new radio technology. This demo unit sees you place your device on a ‘writer’ which is connected to a separate touchscreen monitor. This new radio tech forms a short-range connection between the writer and the device, and doesn’t use any other radio networks – the writer is immediately paired with and recognizes your handset, and instantly brings up relevant content that is available for it on the large touchscreen monitor. From here you simply tap to transfer the apps, music albums, games, apps, videos and other extras you fancy, direct to your phone in a flash.

What do you think about this latest creation from the Nokia Research Center? What other ways do you think Explore and Share tech could be used? Let us know and share your comments directly below.