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February 23, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Trimble, Xpress! and Wikitude World Browser

MyDailyApp highlights - Trimble, Xpress! and Wikitude World BrowserGLOBAL – If like us you’re caught in the clutches of the northern hemisphere winter, heading outdoors might be the last thing on your mind. But, not too long from now the temperatures will start rising and your mobile phone will be able to act the part again.

This week we’ve chosen to pick out three of the daily app offerings surfaced last week on MyDailyApp that cater for the adventurous – perfect mobile companions for exploring new places and meeting new people.

For starters we have Trimble Outdoors SE, a GPS-based app that allows you to plan and record outdoors adventures in detail straight from your mobile phone. If you’re short of ideas you can browse the trips other users have already taken for inspiration, or record your own as a trail for others to follow.

The app records all the waypoints – or breadcrumbs – on the way, giving directions at every point to keep you from getting lost. It’s a great way to not only record a trip, but also to review it afterwards – have a look at this video for more:

Unfortunately the spirit of adventure doesn’t come free, and Trimble Outdoors is a £4 download from Ovi Store. But you can try it out for nothing before committing.

Next we have Wikitude World Browser, which brings the world of augmented reality (AR) straight to your Nokia. In case you don’t know, augmented reality is the latest craze taking the mobile internet by storm, using your phone’s camera, your GPS info and its own info database to provide a real-time information overlay to the world around you.

For example, point your device at a well-known landmark – say, the Eiffel Tower, and on your phone’s screen you’ll have the view of the French icon, complete with a tag you can tap on to read up about it.

Still doesn’t make sense? This video shows it in action:

Want to join the AR revolution? You can do it for free by heading straight to Ovi Store now. All Nokia S60 5th edition handsets are supported.

And after all that talk of adventure, we finish with Xpress!, a fun gaming app that will hopefully keep you going while those adventures are still in the planning stages.

Xpress! is very much a team effort, combining the best interactive bits of old-school board games with the digital smarts of modern technology. Progress on the board is made by correctly answering quiz questions, with the objective being to get your whole team over the finish line first.

It’s a bit of harmless fun that’ll keep you and your friends entertained on a rainy afternoon, and costs £1.50 to download from Ovi Store.