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February 24, 2010

What kind of MeeGo devices do you want to see? Poll Results

MeeGoGLOBAL – Over 1,500 of you responded to last week’s poll, which asked “what kind of MeeGo devices do you want to see?” It was a tremendous response and by the looks of it a pretty close run thing, with just half a percentage point separating the top two choices. Mobile Computers came out on top though, with eight more votes than its second place rival, Media Phones. We can’t remember the last time a poll closed with such tight results.

Although 10 points back with 18.9 per cent of the vote Tablets, taking third place, proved a popular choice. That pulled over twice the number of votes over its next rival, Netbooks. Further behind again came Connected TVs with just 5.4 per cent of the vote, one per cent ahead of In-vehicle entertainment which pulled just 4.3 per cent.

The other category was once more the most interesting. Buried deep in the poll reports, and nestling amongst the more obvious suggestions were a collection of ideas that actually make varying degrees of sense.

Whilst some of them might never happen, it’s good to see some solid contributions coming through, which instantly tell us the potential of MeeGo and how it can be rolled out into different devices. First off the list comes a “Hotel Digital Table Surface”. This sounds like something you might have in your hotel room, and enable you to easily and quickly get online. The same voter also suggested MeeGo in an electricity meter, I assume so you could make the meter smarter and more interactive.

Driving on from the Connected TV theme, another voter suggested a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or a Media Centre. This would certainly be an easy way to get MeeGo into the living room, and help bridge the gap between the living room and the internet. Games Console was another suggestion.

On a more mobile, personal level one voter suggested a very specific 4.3-inch mobile computer whilst another offered a “Personal Gesture Device” which in itself sounds quite intriguing, even if I’m not sure what it is, or what it could be.

Although tablet was a suggestion on the poll, we skipped eBooks (for no apparant reason) and there were a few suggestions to get MeeGo into those. One very specific one suggested a MeeGo powered ebook with an e-Paper or Pixel Qi screen.

Finally, moving back into the home, but this time the kitchen, one voter suggested a refrigerator. I’ve never been big on getting computers into domestic appliances but I think we could be getting closer to that being more of an everyday part of our lives. The whole point about MeeGo, as I see it, is bringing the internet closer to every aspect of our everyday lives.

Let us know what you think of the above, in the comments below. It’d be interesting to get some more opinion on how the suggested uses might manifest themselves in real products, or even more advanced concepts. Your thoughts, as always, welcome below.