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March 1, 2010

Anssi Vanjoki talks frankly

Anssi-vanjokiGLOBAL – The chaps from All About Symbian and Mobile Industry Review caught up with Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Markets, Nokia at Mobile World Congress and the result is three great video interviews. Anssi tackles some difficult subjects head on, particularly around N97, but also gives us some insight into how Nokia’s software strategy is shaping up, and how he sees the future.

Anssi gets straight into explaining what happened with the Nokia N97. In a very refreshing (but quite typical) display of honesty he says that even though the N97 was a great success in terms of devices sold, it left some customers unhappy. He says Nokia was caught by surprise here and didn’t move fast enough to remedy the situation. Lessons were learned the hard way, and now Anssi is hugely excited by the next generation of Symbian and promises that when it’ll be launched, it’ll be perfect.

Nokia’s approach to software has completely changed with the evolution of the Symbian Foundation and the announcement of MeeGo. The former will be the key to bringing smarter devices to those who will experience the internet for the first time on a mobile device, whilst the latter will be much more advanced, and move beyond the smartphone. He’s confident, too, that MeeGo will be a very capable operating system that will form the backbone of what he sees as being a a new generation of personal computers.

The future, as Anssi sees it is equally exciting. The map, he believes, will become a key part of the user interface and will put the user at the centre of everything. The concept is much better explained by him, so check out the videos below to see all that Anssi has to say. Might be an idea to make a cup of tea first and give yourself a little time to watch these vids.

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Anssi on the N97

Anssi on Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo

Anssi looking to the future