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March 1, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Twittle, Crash Test Dummies and Rijl Coffee

Crash Test DummiesGLOBAL – As fully paid up members of the Nokia appreciation club we’re always on the lookout for smart new apps running on the latest high-end hardware.

But we shouldn’t forget that the majority of Nokias in use around the world aren’t touchscreen smartphones at all. Well, fortunately our friends at MyDailyApp are on the same page and have just spent a whole week surfacing some surprisingly clever apps designed specifically for Series 40 devices.

We’ve pulled out three that particularly caught our eye below – don’t forget to head over to MyDailyApp for the latest daily treat from Ovi Store, or check back in here this time next week for more highlights.

Our first S40-focused effort this week is Twittle, which serves as a timely reminder that Nokia handsets have something some other devices can’t offer – Flash support.

As the name suggests, Twittle is a Twitter client that offers all the basic functionality of the micro-blogging platform wrapped up in an attractive Flash interface. The Open Screen Project Fund, a joint initiative between Nokia and Adobe, called Twittle a great example of a Flash-powered social networking tool, and costs just $0.99 / £1 to download from Ovi Store. There are versions for both S60 5th Edition and Series 40 devices – so long as they support Flash.

To see a preview of Twittle in action, check out this video:

We’re not quite sure why, but apps like Crash Test Dummies never cease to be disturbingly addictive. The premise is simple: a crash test dummy is suspended from a crane at the top of a building site. Your job is to position the crane then set the dummy loose to tumble all the way to the ground, connecting with various obstacles along the way.

As the levels go on the challenges get harder, but ultimately the fun lies in watching the poor dummy get bounced and spun this way and that on its gravity-fuelled path to the ground. Crash Test Dummies is a free download too, and is available for Series 40 and S60 handsets.

We finish this week with Rijl Coffee, a bottomless cup of interesting information for coffee lovers everywhere. Not only do you get to read about all sorts of different types of coffees, but you get detailed instructions on how to make them too.

From milky lattes to high-octane espressos, Rijl Coffee will prove a valuable ally in the quest for the perfect cup of coffee, and costs $0.99 / £1 to download from Ovi Store.