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March 9, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Endomondo, Addix and BeeTagg Reader

EndomondoGLOBAL – Can you believe we’re into March already? If you’re anything like us, all those fanciful new year’s resolutions fell by the wayside a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean you have to admit defeat. Thanks to our friends over at MyDailyApp each day brings another great new app into the limelight, and with it another great new way to use your Nokia.

This week our highlights include apps to improve your brain, kickstart your fitness programme and plug into the exciting new world of QR codes. Don’t forget, you can tune in daily to MyDailyApp for the inside line on another great new app, or catch the weekly highlights here on Conversations.

First up this week is Endomondo, a sports app that helps you track your progress in all manner of outdoors activities – just the thing with spring not far off in the northern hemisphere.

A total of 20 sports are supported, with your Nokia’s GPS helping plot all kinds of details, including duration, distance and average speed of your workout. All these details can be uploaded to the Endomondo website to share or compare with others, and plot wider training goals and progress.

Endomondo founder Mette Lykke had more to say at Mobile World Congress last month:

It’s a free download to Series 40 and S60 3rd and 5th Edition Nokias, and until March 14 Endomondo is running a competition to see who can post the most calories burned over a two-week period.

Next up is Addix, which is also focused on giving you a workout, but this time a mental one. The title is well chosen, too, as Addix’s simple but fast-paced action will keep you coming back for more.

Working like a numbers-based take on Tetris, this addictive game will have you sharpening your maths skills and have bags of fun doing so – and that’s no easy task. Addix works on all Symbian S60 5th Edition Nokias, and costs $2.99 / £3 to download from Ovi Store.

Our third choice this week is BeeTagg Reader, which opens the exciting world of QR codes to you and your Nokia.

QR codes are similar to bar codes, in that they contain information hidden in a coded image. This can be a web link to online content, or a discount code for shopping online – in fact, just about anything, with the code itself containing instructions for the device scanning it.

Best of all, QR codes require only a camera to read the image, with BeeTagg Reader doing the rest. Want to check out what the fuss is about? Be our guest – BeeTagg Reader is a free download, and works on any Nokia with a camera and web access.