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GLOBAL – Since 2007 the Cambridge arm of the Nokia Research Center has been keenly hunched over the microscope, exploring the possibilities of pioneering nanotechnology. NRC’s tight-knit collaboration with Cambridge University saw the Morph concept emerge from the laboratory, and now the teams are exploring the nanotechnology that could breathe life into this concept device of the future. However this fascinating research into nanotechnology isn’t locked in an subterranean vault. In fact the research team are so keen to share their studies that its published a book that’s now available for pre-order called ‘Nanotechnologies for Future Mobile Devices’.

The book highlights much of the ongoing research that’s being investigated within the NRC team in Cambridge, and details the exploration of some pretty exciting concepts, such as using nanoscale engineering techniques to alter the construction of new materials and the surfaces of devices in the future. Plus, it delves into the details on battery capabilities and using nanoelectronics in the creation of sensors and radios. And those are just a handful of examples from the mountain of information explored in ‘Nanotechnologies for Future Mobile Devices’. If you want to have a quick flick through a few sample pages, you can find it on Amazon for pre-order and use the Look Inside feature to get a taste of what’s to come.

Recently, the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge was awarded the UK Nordic Business award for Research and Development by UK Trade and Investment for its pioneering studies in the use of nanotechnologies in mobile devices. Here’s a recent video interview with the team.