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March 10, 2010

Future of mapping, location and free navigation on Nokia (video interview)

Nokia-free-sat-navGLOBAL – Earlier this week the folk over at All About Symbian posted a video interview with Christof Hellmis, the man at the helm of Nokia’s navigation products. Rafe Blandford put the questions to Christoph back at Mobile World Congress 2010, so despite the footage being a few of weeks old, it’s still extremely pertinent and makes for interesting viewing. Talking about the launch of free navigation through via new version of Ovi Maps, Christof begins by explaining that “this is what we’ve been dreaming for, for the last five years”. He goes on to highlight that location, mapping and eventually navigation free for Nokia devices was always the intention, and is now keenly focussed on the future. Click through to watch the two-part interview in full, and as ever, to join the discussion and share your thoughts.

Christoph tells his story of how this was a lifetime ambition (he previously headed up a mapping company called Gate 5, which Nokia acquired back in 2006), and continues by emphasizing that this is only the beginning. Free navigation was the opening act, but the now the ambition is to refine and continue to drive innovation in mapping, location and navigation.

Part 1

Part 2