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March 10, 2010

Official Nokia blog newsletter – tell us what you want (poll)

Nokia blog newsletter - tell us what you think

GLOBAL – We survived the maiden voyage and now the Nokia Conversations newsletter is hitting over 900 of your waiting inboxes. Every Friday we deliver a weekly splurge of what’s new in your neighbourhood, as well as nuggets of information for your digestion. Issue one brought you exclusive Nokia C5 news and your MeeGo musings. We had smartphones on the brain in Issue two and Twittle made the grade as our App of the Week. But is it what you want? Would you like to see more of something? It’s your inbox, tell us what you’d like to see in there. Think we’ve missed something you love on Conversations? Let us know. Not signed up yet? Take a peek at our Issue one sample and let us know what you think.