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March 11, 2010

Nokia tweets from the final frontier – almost

twitter_esaESPOO, Finland – Esa is a common name in Finland. According to Wikipedia, in July 2009, there were nearly 27,000 males in Finland with Esa as either their first or second name. I’ve no idea how many Esas we have here in Nokia (I even had a former boss called Esa). But it isn’t just a popular Finnish name, ESA is also the name for the European Space Agency, based in Germany, as one Nokia employee, named Esa, recently found out.

Having conquered the final frontier ESA (European Space Agency) set its sights on the social media space and creating a Twitter account. Using @esa was the obvious username, but they soon discovered that it had already been bagged. Tracking down the owner led them to Esa Alanen a Product Manager for Nokia. Esa Alanen had been using the username for years for various social media channels unaware of his galactic doppelganger.

Happy to give up the account for no fee, Esa Alanen and his family were offered a trip to visit the Cologne Center for ESA in Germany, which they visited last week, in exchange for the account.

We’re yet to tweet from space, but here at Nokia Conversations we’ve sent over 2000 tweets and have 7000 followers. Recently we hosted a live Q&A on Twitter during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Thanks to you we were able to take your questions and interview Niklas Savander, Nokia EVP of Service.

Follow us on@Nokconv. What would you like to see on our Twitter feed? Would you like more Q&A sessions or even a live podcast? Let us know.