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March 17, 2010

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with some free apps from Ovi Store

Find a Leprechaun this St Patricks DayGLOBAL – Whether you’re of Irish decent or partial to a Guinness or two we’re sure you’ll be looking to make the most of the festivities today. Conversations regulars will know we’re partial to a pint or two of the black stuff. Nokia’s Ovi Store is here to help with a pot full of Irish themed free apps to get you through the celebrations. Read on to find out more…

Nokia’s got into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day by offering three free apps from the Ovi Store. First-up is the handy for a day Focal Me (focal is irish for ‘word’). An English to Irish translation app which comes with pronunciations and playable audio clips to make it easier to learn. It’ll have you ordering a pint in the mother tongue within seconds (just make sure the barman can speak Irish first).

Not as handy and more for the fun of the festivities are the Irish Mobile Flag and St Patrick’s Leprechaun Finder. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Irish Mobile Flag is a flag on-the-go that shows your true (tri)colours. The Leprechaun Finder, helps you find the mischievous little blighters that are often spotted this time of year in our local watering holes. Let us know if you manage to find one.

To get your dose of the Emerald Isle head over to to download all the apps gratis.