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March 19, 2010

Important topics for Nokia and the environment (poll results)

Nokia and the environment poll resultsGLOBAL – The environment is obviously an important topic for you guys. Over 700 of you voted in our recent poll when we asked what you thought should be the most important topic for Nokia and the environment.

We based the original poll on active initiatives Nokia have on the go, but do you think they should be doing more? Or spending more time on a specific topic? It was a close run poll with some interesting outcomes.

Join us after the jump to find out what you thought should be the most important topic for Nokia and the environment.

Topping the list was energy efficiency with a 17% chunk of the vote. Interestingly having a greener battery also came up in our poll on features you would like to see in a smartphone with 18% of you noting this as your most-wanted feature. This continues to be an exciting area of exploration within the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge, England, where scientists and engineers are investigating advanced battery power solutions for possible future devices, concepts and scenarios.

Coming a close second was recycling with an equally impressive 16% of the vote. Pretty much every bit of a Nokia device can be recovered and used to create energy or new products. That’s why Nokia is working tirelessly to make it easier for users to recycle phones rather than adding them to a mounting collection in the old phone drawer. An old phone in bits can be transformed into new batteries, musical instruments, traffic cones even car bumpers. With over 5,000 care points globally with recycling drop boxes for your phones, how do you think Nokia could do more to encourage phone recycling?

Third on the environmental line-up was reducing power consumption. Did you know that updating your Facebook status on a PC once uses the same amount of power as updating it a 100 times on your phone? Power consumption is an important topic, not only for the environment, but also for device usability. As the range of features and functions on a device expands, so too does the demand on power consumption. Improving performance isn’t just about improving the battery, it’s also about working to make new features less demanding. And of course, switching off your charger at the socket will make a difference too.

Fourth in the poll with a single percentage point less of the vote at 13% was green manufacturing and a further 12% of you voted for environmentally friendly materials. This was also a hot topic with the Environment team and The Guardian with more than one question being fired regarding ethical material sourcing and green materials used to build phones.

Mopping-up the rest of the votes (totaling 28%) were reducing CO2 emissions, ethical buying, more green features on phones and, interestingly, reducing packaging for mobile devices. This has been an area where Nokia have invested a lot of time and looking at your responses it’s clearly working.

Next week we’ll be teaming up with the Nokia Environmental team to run a green campaign that you guys can get involved in. Join us on Monday when we’ll reveal all.