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March 22, 2010

Browse the Internet using your mobile device – it’s easy to be green

easy to be green - browsingGLOBAL – Did you know that updating your Facebook status once on your PC consumes the same amount of energy as updating it a hundred times on your phone? In a bid to make us all kinder to planet earth, over the coming weeks we’ve got a series of videos showing how easy it is to be green. This time round we’re looking at browsing on-the-go. How often do you use your phone to browse? Do you still use your laptop? Read on after the jump to watch the browsing video and find out how easy it is to be green.

Getting online with your mobile device is a cinch these days and you can do it anywhere.  Browsing the Internet or reading your emails on a handset consumes far less energy than on a PC and if only some of the one billion people now using Nokia devices could start browsing on their phones, the effect on CO2 emissions would be drastic.

The folks from Nokia’s environmental team have put together a series of videos to show us how using our mobile devices can help us have less impact on the environment. Check out the video below to see what kind of difference browsing on your mobile makes.

Check out more on Nokia – It’s easy to be green.

** The case example in the video is calculated with an assumption that in active use a mobile phone consumes 0.6% of the energy used by a desktop computer with LCD monitor. The number of 430,000 cars is based on the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.