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March 24, 2010

David Blaine Street Magic lands on Ovi Store

David Blaine - Street Magic appGLOBAL – He’s buried himself underground for seven days, been encased in a cube of ice and lived in a box above London for 44 days, but now David Blaine has conquered all and released an app on Ovi Store.

The modern day Houdini, renowned for his street magic and outrageous stunts, has appeared on the Ovi Store with his Street Magic: See a Card app. It may not be death defying, but it’ll certainly amuse your friends. We promise. Read on after the jump for more.

Called Street Magic: See a Card, this app allows anyone to take on the Magic Circle.  All you need is a touch-enabled Nokia device loaded with the digital deck of cards included in the app.

Grab your friends’ attention and ask them to pick a card, and remember it’s any card, from the deck on display. Ask them to concentrate on the card. Shuffle, and with a dash of hocus pocus when you tap the deck again the card they picked will be the one displayed on top of the deck. It works every time, by all accounts.

I’m personally more of a Debbie McGee than a Paul Daniels and even I could manage this one. There’s yet to be a reveal post on how the trick works, but if you think you can figure it out let us know. For a closer look at the trick in action check out the video. Could it magic? Check out MyDailyApp for the full lowdown.