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March 24, 2010

Going green with your do-it-all device – it’s easy to be green

Easy to be green with an all-in-one deviceGLOBAL – How about saving the environment without even having to think about it? You, know, you may already be doing it. Today’s multi-functional devices can do their bit to help save the environment by eschewing the need for separate navigator, camera and music players and offering all those features in one device. Check out the second of Nokia’s environmental team videos after the jump and see how using one device for different things can save energy and avoid CO2 emissions.

    Being green isn’t as hard as you might think, you could be making environmental decisions without even knowing it. Consider what you have in your pocket. Is it a phone that does it all? Do you just use electricity to charge one device instead of a bucket load of tech? If only 10 per cent of those over one billion Nokia mobile users switched to using their phones to do-it-all, 25million tons of CO2 emissions would be cut during a year.

    Watch this latest video from the Nokia Environmental team to find out how easy it is to be green just by thinking about what the phone in your pocket can do.

    When you’re done watching the video, check out our previous video on how mobile browsing can also cut  CO2.

* The case example in the video is calculated with an assumption that people use their mobile device for one year instead of buying a separate music player, camera, video camera, laptop computer and a car navigator. The “ 4.5 million people flying around the world once” -example is based on Climate Care’s calculation method using route London-New York as a typical single flight distance.