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March 25, 2010

What are you looking forward to vote on in Design by Community? (Poll results)

Design by Community votingGLOBAL – Design by Community has certainly taken us by surprise and more than seven days on we’re still over the moon after the sheer amount of responses we received. Over the coming weeks we want to keep the ball rolling, and with over 45,000 votes cast in the first week it’s a pretty big one to keep going.

You’ve already decided on the display and the user interface and we’re looking at a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen device with multiple buttons such as a power, camera, zoom and volume controls. This week we’ve been asking you to vote on size and shape and you guys have once again been voting in your droves. But is there one week you’re itching to cast your vote on? Is there one thing that you think is the crux of any successful concept device?

Our poll asked you exactly that, what are you looking forward to voting on in Design by Community? Hundreds of you voted and by the look of the results there’s a lot more votes to come in the next few weeks.

On our quest to create a concept device, we’ll be asking you to cast your judgement on the materials, connectivity, camera and enhancements, but in our poll the outright winner for the topic you guys are waiting to have your say on is the operating system.

41 per cent of the you told us that the operating system is the one thing that you can not wait to have your say on. What would you like to be voting on when it comes to the operating system? At the moment this is looking like it might be a straight run thing between Symbian and MeeGo, but is there anything else you would like to cast your vote on? Whether it’s open or closed, has the ability to multitask, has flash support? Let us know as we’re always looking for ways to evolve the Design by Community process.

Second in the poll was this week’s size and shape with 19 per cent of the vote. At the half way point leading the charge is a monoblock, 60mm by 110mm in size, 6-10mm in depth with an automatic lens cover. Not what you’d like to see? Head over to Design by Community quick smart to have your say.

Size and shape has been an interesting topic for us here on Conversations. I personally think it’s the most important and has a big influence on what handset I pick to own. It was great to get a sneak peek behind the design process with the product guys here in London.  They gave us their insights into the design process and specifically size and shape. Head over to the interview as they talk footprints, form factors and some of the challenges they face when designing new devices. Once you’ve done that check out Iain Pottie, Senior Design Manager and his vox pop on what he thinks makes a great concept device. If you’ve changed your mind from your initial vote you’ve still got time to cast a vote on size and shape.

Third in the voting line was materials with 17 per cent per cent of the vote.  Next week’s ballot on materials opens on Monday and we’ll be offering you guys some interesting options to pick from. Would you go for toughness over style? Check back next week to cast your vote.

Gathering up the rest of the votes were connectivity, camera and enhancements. As always the “other” option also threw up some interesting comments. More than one of you wanted to have a say on the technical specs of the device such as RAM and CPU, and a lot of you have been asking for the same in the comments section of Design by Community. This is something we may well look at as part of the process.

Remember to check back to the Design by Community page for daily updates, interviews and vox pops from inside and outside Nokia.