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March 26, 2010

How the mobile helps green travel – it’s easy to be green

easy to be green travelGLOBAL – Green travel is all about making smart decisions and keeping an eye on the environment around you. Your mobile can play a part, too, as we see in the third of our series of videos from Nokia’s environmental team. This next video takes a look at how you can avoid  CO2 emissions with your mobile device, and save a few wasted journeys..

Sustainable travel isn’t just about walking instead of jumping in the car, it’s about choosing your route carefully along with selecting the smartest way to travel. Drivers using navigation on a regular basis not only drive shorter distances and spend less time driving, but also consume less fuel which decreases their CO2 emissions.

Today’s video poses questions such as asking yourself if you really need to take a flight to attend that meeting, or could you do it on a conference call instead. Get this and more sustainable travel tips in the video below.

When you’re done watching the video, go to to find a load more tips and tricks on being a more conscious traveller.

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** The case example in the video is calculated with an assumption that people use their mobile device for attending a meeting once a year instead of travelling to the meeting by plane. The average emissions of 18 million people calculation is based on IEA’s estimate for the world average tCO2 per capita in 2007.