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March 29, 2010

Be energy efficient with your mobile with it’s easy to be green

BlogPicture_EnergySavingGLOBAL – Being green can make your life easier as well as easing the strain on planet earth. The next video in our easy to be green series looks at ways to increase your phone’s battery life without hooking up to the nearest power point.

Find some handy tips on getting more from your phone’s juice by turning down the screen’s brightness, closing apps and reducing connectivity. Join us after the jump to find out how easy it is to be green.

Nokia has always believed that creating a one-off green device wouldn’t be the greenest approach, instead every device includes a bundle of environmentally friendly features.

This next video in the easy to be green series takes a look at energy efficiency. Did you know Nokia has introduced a variety of energy saving features increasing the energy efficiency of its chargers? And, over the last decade no-load standby power of Nokia chargers has been reduced by up to 95 per cent.

But what other energy saving features are there in a device? Check out the video.

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