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March 30, 2010

Nokia Bots does the heavy lifting for you

Nokia-botsGLOBALNokia Bots is the latest offering from the folks at Nokia Beta Labs and promises to take the hassle out of everyday tasks. Comprising of four individual Bots, each is designed to learn specific habits and automate certain processes in order to make your mobile life that little bit easier. Read on after the jump to get the full rundown.

The Nokia Beta Labs folks are never short of bringing us something fresh and exciting. Nokia Bots is just that. Made up of Profile Bot, Alarm Bot, Shortcut Bot and Battery Bot they do their work in the background, watching what you do and making nifty suggestions. They follow your habits, so won’t do stuff unless you’ve done it first, as it’s all based on knowing and understanding how you use your device.

Profile Bot will automatically switch your profile to silent when you’re in a meeting whilst Battery Bot will remind you to charge your battery before you go to bed. Alarm Bot will get a handle on what time you usually wake up and suggest alarms to you before you hit the pillow. Oh, and it’ll switch your phone profile to silent so you won’t get disturbed from the land of nod. Finally Shortcut Bot monitors which applications you use most frequently, landing the most used ones into a homescreen widget for quick and easy access. Don’t worry though, it’ll be constantly updated, so if your habits change, so will your Shortcut Bot’s output.

Here’s Ari Tourunen from Nokia with a rundown on how the Bots work. Check the link below to get involved – only available for Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini at the moment.

Nokia Beta Labs – Nokia Bots