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March 31, 2010

Give your phone a second life – it’s easy to be green

Easy to be green - second lifeGLOBAL – How many phones do you have in your old phone drawer? In a recent poll you told us that the most important topic for Nokia and the environment should be recycling. Did you know that every single part of a Nokia device can be used again for new products or to generate energy?

The next video in our easy to be green series looks at how to give your phone a second life. Read on and watch the video on how easy recycling your phone can be.

Only three per cent of the population recycles their mobile phones despite the fact that most have old devices lying around at home.  A large chunk of people just don’t realise that you can put your old handsets that are no longer needed by anyone to good use.
The fifth and final video in the easy to be green series shows how every last bit of a Nokia device can be utilised recycled or reused from the battery to the buttons.

If every one of the 1 billion+ Nokia users recycled just one unused phone at the end of its life-cycle, more than 80,000 tonnes of raw materials would be saved. 

Watch this video to see how you can give your phone a second life.

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