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April 1, 2010

Nokia N900 controls a full size helicopter

n900_helicopterGLOBAL – Yes you read it right the Nokia N900 has been caught controlling a life-size helicopter. Last week the handset was transformed into Niko the robot and this week it’s gone one better. Now we all know that the N900 can do more than one crazy thing once hacked. The bods over at PUSH have proved that the N900 can be transformed into a poledancing robot, graffiti tool and skateboarding game. But can this be real? Is the Nokia N900 truly that powerful?

April Fools! Yes unfortunately this video is a fake. Recorded on a skiing trip back in January, the folks from Tweakker rented a helicopter for a few minutes and requested that the driver go left, right up and down. Simple but effective we think.

But controlling helicopters isn’t all a hoax, there is a genuine video of the N900 controlling a chopper albeit an RC kind. One ingenious hacker saw that by using the Nokia N900’s infared (IR) the handset could be used to send simple control signals such as up, down, left and right to the helicopter and it would comply willingly.

Check out both videos below. Were you fooled by the helicopter? Have you seen any spoof videos? Let us know and happy April Fool’s day.

Phoney N900 controller

The real deal controller

N900 helicopter control test from Iain W on Vimeo.