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April 1, 2010

This week in videos – going green, design interviews and guitar tuning

easy to be green travelGLOBAL – In this week’s videos we’re still feeling green with three more videos from Nokia’s environmental team showing how easy it is to be green. Also we hot footed it over to Nokia’s Design Office here in London to find out what Iain Pottie and Damian Mycroft had to say on the size and shape for our Design by Community concept device, tuned our guitar using some handy apps from Ovi Store and Nokia Bots lands on our phones.

Have you got a spare 6 minutes 38 seconds? Join us after the jump.

Easy to be green – give your phone a second life, be energy efficient with your mobile and use your mobile to avoid unnecessary travel

We’re sticking with the green theme again this week with the last in the series of videos showing how easy it is to be green from the Nokia environmental team. The first video looks at how you can give your phone a second life by not tossing it with the rest of the old phones in your cellular graveyard. The second video shows how you can be more energy efficient with your phone saving you money and mother earth. The third and final video is all about green travel and how making small decisions can have an effect on the environment around you. Feeling green? Check out the videos below for more.

Easy to be green – give your phone a second life

Easy to be green – be energy efficient with your mobile

Easy to be green – Use your mobile to avoid unnecessary travel

Nokia designers talk footprints and form factors – Design by Community
We caught up with two of Nokia’s top industrial designers to pick their expert brains on the considerations and challenges they face when defining the size and shape of the new device. They had a lot to say and head over to Design by Community to check out the full interviews for great insights into the design of new devices. As with our vox pops here with the Nokia Conversations team last week we also asked the designers what they thought made a great concept device? Check out this video with Iain Pottie the mastermind behind the C5 to find out what he had to say.

Nokia Bots invade your handset
Here’s a quick video looking at the latest offering from the folks over at Nokia Beta Labs which promises to take some of the hassle out of everyday tasks. Made up of Profile Bot, Alarm Bot, Shortcut Bot and Battery Bot they do their work in the background, watching what you do and making nifty suggestions. Fancy some Bots? Here’s Ari Tourunen from Nokia with a rundown on how they work.

Ovi Store gets your guitar in tune
The folks over at mydailyapp know their apps and they’ve managed to track down three of the best apps from Ovi Store to tune your guitar. The trio includes Tunerific, Guitar Tuner and Chromatic Instrument Tuner. Here’s a couple in action. Try them out and see what you think. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

Guitar Tuner