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April 1, 2010

What features are you most looking forward to in Symbian ^3 (Poll results)

chart_symbian3GLOBAL – This week we posed the question in our poll, what features are you most looking forward to in Symbian^3? The new OS looks set to appear on handsets this year but what are itching to get your mitts on?

It was a close run thing but one thing’s for sure you’re all pretty excited by the prospect of Symbian’s latest offering. Find out after the jump what feature you’re most excited about.

Over 400 of you voted and topping the poll as the feature you’re most looking forward to was next-gen graphics. With an impressive 28 per cent of the vote it’s a clear winner.  The new graphics on Symbian^3 will see features and tricks such as fades and transitions when browsing photos or various screens, a semi transparent UI and overlays across applications. Sounds impressive but that’s not all, the improved 2D and 3D graphics will also provide a platform for high performance games. All this without slowing down the device.

Coming a not so close second with 18 per cent was multi-touch gesture support. You can’t wait to get your digits involved with some drag, flick and pinch-to-zoom action. According to the official Symbian blog multitouch will come to the homescreen, photos and video player but more excitingly apps.

Snapping third spot was the new homescreen. We’ve seen the video and the initial concept shots and it looks a corker. The big change comes in the form of multiple pages of customisable widgets with a simple flick gesture to scroll through different homescreens. Is the ability to customise your device now more important than the features it contains?

Moving down the list, the votes quickly drop off with better memory management taking fourth place with only eight per cent of the vote. Fifth place was awarded to your thoughts and the other option with eight per cent of the vote. More than one of you are looking forward to more music compatibility and more PC like functions when it comes to music and the onboard player. Other answers include Symbian^3 being 4G ready, its general improved feel, ramped-up multitasking and a couple are looking forward to all of the above.

Mopping up the rest of the votes were single-tap interaction (eight per cent), smart network management (five per cent), HDMI support (four per cent) and finally one click connectivity (four per cent).

Is there something else that you’re looking forward to seeing? Are you not looking forward to some of the features? Let us know and don’t forget to check out the video walk through of Symbian^3 UI concepts for some food for thought.