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April 6, 2010

MyDailyApp – Mobbler, WeROK and Near Here

mobbler_dailyoviGLOBAL – It’s been a historic week for MyDailyApp.  Not only did they post their 200th entry but they also managed to publish an app review simultaneously in both English and Spanish. Felicitaciones!

Along with this they’ve also managed to deck their blog with the latest happenings and releases on the Ovi Store. This week we’ve rounded-up a musical maestro to fill your ears with the latest tunes, a visual hero to catch up with all the latest TV treats and an app to get you anywhere even if you have no idea where you are.  Here’s our cream of the app crop for this week.

Kicking off the proceedings is Mobbler,‘s radio player and Scrobbler. If you’re accustomed with on your ‘puter this is a real musical treat.

Download the app to a handset and welcome to a world of free radio stations. These aren’t your average stations, these are grouped by song or artist. Fancy listening to some Rolling Stones? Tune into the band’s radio station and fill your lugholes with them as well as other artists has bundled onto that particular station.

You can also tag a song you like the sound of on the radio station or banish those you don’t to create your ultimate radio playlist. Share these with others if you dare or search for tunes recommended by your peers. It’s basically like having the world’s biggest music fan as a friend in your pocket.

You’ll need an internet connection to get up and going and it’s best to use Wi-Fi by all accounts. is a free service for those in the UK, USA and Germany, and you’ll need an account before you can get started. The app is free to download from the Ovi Store and supports an amazing 34 languages. Watch the video for more:

Moving away from a musical treat to a visual one, the next app in the line-up is WeROK. Winner of a Future of Mobile award in 2009 it’s a free, on-demand mobile TV on your Nokia.

Bundling the ROK TV service with free games and comics, it’s a portal to short films, comedy channels and music networks. Best of all it’s all free. The guys over at MyDailyApp tested it out and reported that there were plenty of channels to chose from including Global Health TV to make you think, RoofTop Comedy for a laugh, and MobileJockey.TV and Eye Music Network to bust some moves. Plenty to be getting on with we think.

The app is compatible with S60 3rd edition and 5th edition handsets and is completely gratis to download.

Last but certainly not least we have Near Here. A location based information provider integrated into Ovi Maps. Basically, if you can name the type of information that you want at your locality, Near Here will supply it. The application connects to Ovi Maps, so it can show the locations on all the service’s map types.  The nine major categories are food and drink, shopping, travel, education, entertainment, health, businesses, government and organisations. Fancy a Mexican but not sure where to direct your ravenous stomach? Type in what you’re looking for to find a tortilla recommendation near you. A word of warning, according to the folks at MyDailyApp it tends to work best in larger cities and towns, but give it a go and let us know what you find.

Near Here can be downloaded from Ovi store for $0.99. There’s also a free trial version in Ovi Store for you to take for a test drive.