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April 7, 2010

In which hand do you use your phone? (Poll)

hand_pollGLOBAL – A recent interview with the designers at Nokia’s London studio sent our heads spinning as we were peppered with fascinating insights surrounding the challenge of creating a new device. Not only did we get a glimpse into the design inner sanctum, we also gleaned some great feedback for our Design by Community project.

Iain Pottie, one of the guys behind the Nokia C5, raised an interesting point about how people use phones and the way that even the size of a person’s hand (Anthropometrics) is something to consider when it comes to design. With this in mind, and our phones in hand, we pondered have we become ambidextrous when it comes to using phones or do we still use one hand ahead of the other? Do we notice anymore what hand we use? Vote in our poll and let us know.