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April 8, 2010

Comes with Music launches in China

Nokia Comes With MusicBEIJING, China – It’s done the samba on Brazilian soil, shaken its hips in Mexico and now Comes with Music will be joining the Lion Dance in China. The all-you-can devour music service is hitting the Far East.

It’s no secret that here at Conversations we’re fans of the unlimited DRM-free music download offering that is Comes With Music. We’ve followed the musical marching band from its launch on handsets in 2008 to a succession of releases in Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and over 15 other countries. China is the latest in the lucky line-up to receive some Comes With Music action.

Read on to find out more about how Nokia has forged local partnerships, how you can get hold of it and full details on the local Chinese record labels that are now available via Comes With Music.

Joining Nokia in the Comes With Music ensemble in China will be Huadong Feitan to ensure that the service is tailored to local consumer needs. At launch the handset line-up will include eight devices – Nokia X6 32GB, Nokia X6 16GB, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5330, Nokia 5800w, Nokia 6700s, Nokia E52 and Nokia E72i.

Liz Schimel is Global Head of Music at Nokia and had this to say about today’s launch:

“Globally, we have expanded the reach of our music service to 30 markets in just 18 months. We are excited to see consumers building collections of the music they love through our service, and we are firmly on the path to delivering legal digital music to all parts of the world. It’s fantastic to have so many local and global labels partner with us to deliver this service in China. The industry came together to support us in innovating the mobile music business model in this unique market.”

Continuing the heritage of teaming-up with major global labels the catalogue of tunes will draw from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Music offerings. A host of local independent labels will also be joining the pack, including Huayi Brothers Media Group and Taihe Rye.

Song Ke is CEO of Taihe Rye, one of the local Chinese record labels involved, and commented:

“We are very excited by the opportunity to have our music catalogue not only available in China, but to the rest of the world. Lovers of Chinese music can now download content from Comes With Music, broadening the market for our artists globally.”

The Comes With Music service will be known locally within China as Yue Sui Xiang. Let us know what you think to the news in the comments section due south.