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April 8, 2010

Design by Community video vox pop – Jussi Ruutu, Nokia Research Center

Jussi-RuutuHELSINKI, Finland – Jussi Ruutu is the Research leader for the Energy and Power Management (EPM) team at the Nokia Research Center in Helsinki. Earlier this week we chatted to him about all things battery and power related as part of our Design by Community project – don’t miss our interview which goes live in a couple of weeks, when we’re covering the topic of enhancements. During our discussion we asked Jussi what he thinks is the secret of a great concept device and what his dream Nokia device would be. Join us after the break to watch his video vox pop, and see the NRC man share his thoughts from the inside, with energy and power considerations front of mind.

Should you wish to read his answers, here’s a full transcript of what Jussi had to say:

What is the secret of a great concept device?
The ultimate concept device is a pipeline between the cutting edge research and reality. Once the research has found that something can be done, then it is the turn of the concept device to turn it into a practical preview. The consumer will get a peek into the future. However be aware that the ultimate concept device is not for everybody and it’s not for everything. It’s like a concept car in a car show. You love it or you hate it, but it certainly has a soul.

What would be your dream Nokia device, and what would it be able to do?
My ideal device would be able to use all the available energy in my surroundings. This means for example that I’m able to move energy freely and easily from one mobile device to another. But in addition I will be able to recharge the phone using whatever energy sources there are available, whether it’s through our cells, regular power grid, or something else. Finally, my dream device would be my window to the energy streams around me. This means that the device would know for example how much energy I’m using daily at work, at the office, or during my free time. And naturally the device would help me and advise me to minimise my energy footprint.