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April 8, 2010

Nokia’s way of being green – it’s easy to be green

150x150_Nokias-wayGLOBAL – Being green isn’t just about recycling the end product. Over the past couple of weeks Nokia’s environmental team has been flying the green flag here on Conversations with a series of videos showcasing how easy it is to be green.

We’ve seen videos on how sustainable travel, cutting power consumption and using an all-in-one device can all be kinder to Planet Earth. The next video turns the spotlight on Nokia and how a device from start to finish is created with the environment in mind. How easy is it for Nokia to be green? Read on to find out.

Every single one of the billion or so Nokia devices used every day are created with consideration of mother Earth. Plus, it doesn’t stop at the devices. Along with the green-fingered phones Nokia services also help us live more sustainable lifestyles. The environmental seed is planted from the off and continues through a product’s life cycle. This means minimising the environmental impact of products through operations, beginning with the extraction of raw materials and ending with recycling, treatment of waste, and recovery of used materials. All these eco processes are aided by better product design, close control of the production processes, and greater material reuse and recycling.

As well as taking care of the planet, being green also makes good business sense. By reducing the size of the packaging 100,000 tons of paper-based material was saved – the effect of this reduction took every second truck transporting our products off the road, and saved 500 million Euros in only two years.

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