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April 9, 2010

MeeGo unleashed to developers

MeeGoGLOBAL – A couple of months ago we asked you what MeeGo devices were you most excited about? You answered in your droves and you’re clearly itching to see the new Nokia and Intel OS team-up land on solid products.

So we thought you’d be interested in news that the clan over at has announced that developers are now fiddling with the new operating system and already beginning to create smart apps.

You’ve seen what the brainiacs can do once they got under the skin of the N900‘s Maemo platform, turning the handset into robots and releasing a stack of killer apps. So it’s great to see the MeeGo-shaped ball rolling and we’re expecting to see some tantalising developments emerge soon.

The initial announcement back in February was an eye-opener with the promise of an open-source OS that not only works on handsets but also transcends onto notebooks, netbooks, in-vehicle and connected TVs. You guys were most excited about the prospect of MeeGo on notebooks. What in particular would you like to see?

It’s still early days yet, but it’s exciting to know that developers are currently beavering away, creating the first raft of apps for MeeGo devices. The cross-device open-source platform is a brand new playground, and a huge one at that. We’ve got our fingers crossed for some exciting things emerging over the coming weeks.  We’ll be keeping an eye on the next steps and feedback before the big push in May with the first full release of MeeGo.

For the developer-minded amongst you, head over to to soak up everything you need to get started.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think and how you got on in the comments due south.