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April 14, 2010

Nokia and Continental Automotive want you to drive, Tweet and talk

nokiacontinental_carGLOBAL –  Nokia is collaborating with Continental Automotive to integrate cutting edge technology into its cars. The new concept, named Terminal Mode, will give drivers, passengers and unfortunately the odd backseat driver the ability to control, connect and use mobile phone applications via an in-car dashboard display.

Still in its infancy, the concept hopes to have you catching up on the latest happenings across your social networks, checking online news and using the navigation on your phone without taking your eyes off the road. Direct your cursor after the jump to find out how.

Developed by Nokia Research Centre in Palo Alto, Terminal Mode works by docking a mobile phone into an in-car system. Once TR is loaded onto a mobile phone and a car the pair will become one using a high-speed USB 2.0 connection. Once paired you’ll be able to access, control, update everything via the in-vehicle display or even use the steering wheel controls. Scroll through texts, load an app or listen to some tracks saved on your mobile phone using the handy slice of tech. Even better you’ll be able to access the free walk and drive navigation from Ovi Maps and get turn by turn navigation through the car’s audio system.

Kieran O’Sullivan, executive vice president of Continental’s Connectivity and Infotainment Business Unit had this to say about the collaboration:

“The timing of our collaborating is ideal because smartphones and applications continue to proliferate in consumer culture. At the same time, drivers and passengers want to use their mobile phone applications — like free in-vehicle navigation — while inside their car. However, displaying navigation information on a small and static mobile phone screen while inside a car is the wrong human machine interface (HMI)”

It looks like this could be the start of some interesting things to come. It’s certainly an example of how free walk and drive navigation and apps via Ovi on your mobile is just the beginning. Vesa Luiro, Director, Automotive at Nokia reinforces that this could be one of many ways we’ll see Ovi services move into our cars.

“Nokia continues to experience strong demand for the mobile applications available via Ovi. Our goal is to connect people to what matters most to them.  To do that, we are exploring how we might better connect consumers to Ovi services and applications while they are inside a car”

How do you use your mobile in your car? How would you like to be able to use it? Let us know in the comments below.