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April 14, 2010

Who are you Phil Schwarzmann?

oggie_philGLOBAL – Nokia Conversations was set-up to bring you stories from around the Nokia neighbourhood. With this notion lodged in our skulls, we continually endeavor to deliver you the most interesting and enlightening stories from inside Nokia, whilst sharing the best discussions and opinions happening elsewhere on all things Nokia related. We’re always looking for those hidden gems and untold stories that will make for an entertaining read, plus we never stop looking for ways to spark a fresh conversation. As we’re sure you know, we love a good natter.

So building on this bedrock ambition, we’ve decided to introduce a new regular feature that will see us bringing you an inside view of the lives of the folk at Nokia, beyond the day job. We’ll be discovering their inspirations, habits, and much, much more. Join us over the coming months as we catch up with the people of Nokia to bring you their stories and their passions.

We’re kicking off the confessionals with our own Editor-in-Chief, Phil Schwarzmann, as he tells us about his most annoying habits and his penchant for pulpy juice.

Phil Schwarzmann, Editor-in-Chief, Nokia Conversations

Phil’s been at the helm of Nokia Conversations since August 2009 and has been stationed at Espoo base camp for over seven years. Before turning his digits to blogging he was formerly in Games, S60 and the digital marketing teams. Phil launched the S60 blogs, Nokia’s first public blogs, back in 2005. He also thinks he’s pretty funny and has his own stand-up comedy show in Espoo. Here he is in his own words:

On a Monday morning I smack the alarm, check my calendar for the day, surf the internet for a while, shower, eat All-Bran cereal and drink Tropicana orange juice (w/ pulp), take out the dog, rush to work cause I’m running late.

My greatest inspiration was my father.  He was such a great person, loved by all. I’m happy I inherited many of his qualities, both good and bad.

I find exercise always resets a bad day for me.  Also, listening to stand-up comedy or watching a comedy show puts me in a good mood.

I’m still trying to figure out my life’s passion, but I have some ideas: Writing, comedy, social media, mobile, travel…

I interrupt people while they’re talking. It’s my most annoying habit.

I was a fictional character I’d be Captain James T. Kirk.

“Ubik” by Philip K. Dick got me crazily hooked on an author for the first time in my life.  I then spent the next two years reading everything he wrote.

If I had to pick a teacher who inspired me I’d choose Mr. James Heffner he was my cross-country and track coach, as well as my computers teacher and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) leader.  He was also extremely funny.

A gadget that makes pills that make everyone happy and causes world peace forever would be something I’d invent.

I’m scared of having kids or getting seriously injured.  They both ruin all my hopes and dreams for the future.

I only surround myself with people who make me laugh, cause I need laughter like I need air.

On a Friday night I go to the gym and the last thing on my mind is usually some writing project I’m working on, like a blog post or new joke for my act.

I live by the quote, “Pick yourself up by your bootstraps”