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GLOBAL – This week saw the covers come off three brand new devices from Nokia. Parading into view we had a pair of CSeries handsets, the Nokia C6 and Nokia C3, whilst the Nokia E5 joined the ESeries line-up. You guys seem excited about the trio but what do others think? It’s time for us to look over the wall and gather the reactions and opinions of the bloggerati.

Join us after the jump to find out the initial reactions to the latest Nokia offerings.

Within 24 hours of the announcements, hundreds of stories emerged and one of the main points picked up was the social networking capabilities of the threesome. was among those to comment: “Nokia is the latest mobile manufacturer to bring social networking to the masses with its new Nokia C3, C6 and E5 smartphones.”

Recombu, on the other hand, questioned the need for more social networking handsets by saying:

Recombu: “You know what we need more of in the world? Phones with social networking features – you just don’t see them around. NOT. Every phone and its brother seems to be positioned as the second coming of social networking these days, and Nokia isn’t really pushing the boat out with its three latest offerings.”

The Register disagrees and calls for more phones with Facetwittery capabilities:

The Register: “These days data rates are low enough to make status updates practical, and the features of social networking have boiled down considerably, so it’s time for every phone to start getting social.”

What do you think? Should all new phones come with social networking on the move covered? Do you update your status on the move and check your emails on your mobile?

They might not be too sure about more phones for updating on the move, but Recombu does champion the inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard across all three handsets:

Recombu: “If social networking functionality is your one pre-requisite when buying a new handset, you’ve got a dearth [sic] of Nokias to choose from now and those physical Qwerty keyboards, our typing tool of choice, are a welcome inclusion” also picked up on the QWERTY keyboard offering: “Three new phones from Nokia will tempt those of us who like a good click when we type — the┬áNokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 all have proper Qwerty keyboards. Nokia may be flailing like a octopus stuck in a woolly jumper with touchscreen smart phones such as the N97, but it’s quietly making solid, useful phones with physical keyboards, like the Nokia E63, so we’re encouraged it’s sticking to what it does best.

Another key feature of the devices was their price point and bringing high-end features to an affordable slew of devices. Engadget commented:

Engadget: “We’ve got a handful of affordable QWERTY cellphones bent on bringing messaging and social networking to the masses”

TechDigest also had its two-pence worth specifically on the E5’s price point:

TechDigest: “It’s a good-looking QWERTY with a mouth watering price”

Let us know what you think of these comments and if you’ve seen any you would like to highlight drop it in the comments section below.