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April 15, 2010

Ovi Store now offering modern-day whoopee cushion

fartapp_picGLOBAL – At first glance the latest app on the Ovi Store may seem a load of hot air, but it’s actually pretty clever. Landing this month this eyeSight app, aptly named FartControl, does exactly what the name suggests – levying a toe-curling public faux pas on unwilling victims. Juvenile jokes aside, it’s actually the tech used to trigger each parp that caught our eye. Read on after the jump to find out more.

Alongside being a great gag in your back pocket, what makes FartControl special is that it uses the device’s camera to determine when and how to release its odorless ice-breakers. Using clever motion-sensing tech you can leave your phone innocently lying around and embarrass your unsuspecting friends without lifting, or pulling, a finger.

It’s a great example of how simple motion sensing can be applied within an app. We’re also pleased to inform you that after our extensive testing (that led to the detriment of a few friendships) it works a treat. Watch the video (not ours) to see the app in action.

Motion-based apps are not only about making your mates’ faces crimson. eyeSight also has a stable of other “Touch Free” apps you can have a go with. Fortune Cookies allows you to crush a virtual sweet treat with just a tap of your hand above the phone and Ninja Strike lets you kill bad guys by throwing ninja stars using a real throwing motion in front of the phones camera. Bringing us back to the farcical is Truth or Dare. With a whoosh of your hand watch a bottle spin on the device as you keep your fingers crossed you won’t end-up shame faced.

To view all of eyeSight’s apps head over to the Ovi Store. Have you tried any of the apps? Let us know. If you’ve caught your mates out a treat we want to hear about it in the comments below. Right we’re off to look for some more unsuspecting victims…