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ESPOO, Finland – While Nokia continues further and further in the music space, the importance of Nokia Gear (the hip way we refer to “accessories”) escalates. People are increasingly keeping their Bluetooth headsets on throughout the day as the products become closer to fashion statements. Like a watch or pair of sneakers, accessories are beginning to be on us all the time.

Nokia’s recent lineup of gear packs a lot of emotion and consistency across each design, and certainly makes it something you’d love by your side or around your head. Check out the video after the jump to see what I mean.

You’ll notice that each product either comes in “Ice” or “Stone”, while the familiar Nokia-blue color outlining the highlights. The international design team made up of industrial designers from Singapore, Ecuador, Sweden, China, Austria, Switzerland, UK, and of course Finland, say their design inspirations “come from nature”. Each item is a work of art. Have a look at the video see for yourself…