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April 19, 2010

MyDailyApp – My Magic Pencil, Gears and Fickleblox

mydailyapp_pencilGLOBAL – The volcano in Iceland is causing havoc for most of Europe and with that in mind our pick of apps from MyDailyApp this week are a trio to keep you amused. Stuck in an airport? Download these three to pass the time. On this week’s roster we have My Magic Pencil, Gears and Fickleblox. Read on after the jump for this week’s top notch app selection sure to get you through the day.

If you’re feeling creative and an artistic mood takes you, whip out your phone and download My Magic Pencil. Forget creating paint- esque drawings reminiscent of playschool, this app will have you creating graphics that Banksy would be proud of. The app has been endowed with a remarkable level of craft and finesse. By all accounts you’ll be drawing masterpieces within minutes of installing the app. It’s a clever and delightful drawing tool and even the most fumbling thumbs and fingers will be drawing with aplomb. Check out the video for some creative solutions and hop over to the Ovi Store to download the app for $2.99. For a full range of compatible devices head over to the Ovi Blog for the full rundown.

Next up we have Gears. If you look like you might be stuck for some time then this is the game for you. The goal of the game is to join all the gears on the game board. There are 50 challenges to beat, ranging from easy starting levels to trickier more thought provoking puzzles. It’s an addictive game, has good graphics, easy touch control and anyone can play. Fancy your chances on getting the gears into action? Get your game on for $1.99 over at the Ovi Store and it’s compatible for all s60 5th edition devices.  Here’s a vid for you to check out what you’ll be up against.

Third and finally here’s Fickleblox. If you’ve played Tetris or any cube banishing game you’ll have the building blocks to to get to grips with Fickleblox.

It works like this: You look for blocks of the same colour that are next to each other, either vertically or horizontally. You can score points by clicking on chains of two or more blocks, which then disappear and are replaced by other blocks. Each disappeared block is worth 10 points. The strategy comes in trying to remove blocks in such a way that the replacement blocks form even longer chains of same-coloured blocks. There is a bonus scheme in which the removal of five or more blocks at a time gives double the score, ten or more gives four times the score, 15 or more is six times, and 20 or more is eight times the value of the blocks.

On each level, there is a race against time, with the build-up of points racing against elapsed time. Watch the video to see the app in action. Once you’re done head to the Ovi Store to beat the blocks.