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With 4 billion phones worldwide and only 1.6 billion bank accounts, Nokia Money makes a lot of sense. Ideal for those without a bank account, particularly in growth economy countries, Nokia Money allows you to transfer money, manage funds and pay for goods on the go with a mobile phone.

Available 24 hours a day, with Nokia Money you can transfer cash from one account to another only using a telephone number. Completely secure with an encrypted password for access, you can also pay utility bills, top-up SIM cards and in the future pay for goods and services.

Roll-out of Nokia Money started in February 2010 in collaboration with YES Bank in Pune, India. Looking to the future the service is initially planned for other growth economy countries with collaborations with other banks and networks also in the pipeline. We’re big fans of this new service and caught up with Gerhard Romen, Nokia’s Director for Alliances, to find out more.

What they say

This new system has the potential to offer banking to the poor as well as those in developing countries who are devoid of usual choices that we who live in developed countries have long taken for granted.

If you only do one thing

Transfer money with ease. Load up your Nokia Money account on the go, transfer money and top-up your SIM card with no fuss. All you need is a phone number.


Nokia Money is super secure with heavy encryption and password protection. However, if you’re looking for something else, here are three Symbian apps to keep your stash safe even if you’re not using Nokia Money.

Tracks your smartphone’s location, lock it down and even wipe your data remotely to protect your privacy.

Phone Guardian
Launch the app by dialing a secret number, send a text to disable the phone remotely and track down your phone using GPS.

SPB Wallet
A helpful security cloak that acts as a virtual wallet that safely stores away card details under fully encrypted lock and key