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Here’s one for you developers and casual code tinkerers out there. You’ve scoped the Ovi Store and think you can do better with an app to beat all apps? You need to get your self Qt quick smart.

Working as a cross platform application and UI framework, using this little nugget allows you to write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across mobile, desktop and even TV.  You’ll be creating one app to rule them all without rewriting the source code.

It won’t be just any old app either. Qt provides the building blocks for you to incorporate 3D graphics, multimedia audio or video, visual effects, animations and custom styles. Just getting started? The Qt website is packed with how tos and tutorials to help you on your way to becoming and app aficionado.

What they say

“Qt is a powerful toolkit with a lot of rich functionality. Applications written in Qt are fully cross-platform and need only be recompiled to run on any supported platform. Qt has a sophisticated theming system that allows it to use native widgets and adhere to native platform conventions without requiring significant platform-specific modifications to code.”

Ryan Paul,


If you only do one thing

Build an app, it’s easier than you think. Download the Qt SDK and crack on. What app would you love to have on your phone? You can make it happen. Now how do we go about using our phone to do the washing…


Starting to make an app is a daunting task, but never fear a batch of helpful websites, communities and forums are close to hand. Here’s a bunch of the best helping hands.

A useful community of hundreds of contributors across the globe committed to the development of and the spirit of free software. KDE releases more than 600 applications built on Qt which are translated into more than 100 languages.

One of the leading forum sites on the web, answering thousands of questions from users worldwide. QtCentre also offers a news section as well as a wiki filled Qt tips and tricks.

An open community for application developers. The site has sections and resources covering pretty much everything and anything app related. Upload an app and get it tested by the community or just have a browse to see what others have done.

You’ll also find a group of willing helpers on Facebook, Linkedin and don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel