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GLOBAL – Ovi in Finnish may translate to door in English, but as a Nokia service it does so much more. Did you know that with Ovi you get access to an online music store, email, free navigation and online storage?

Here at Conversations we want you to get the most from Nokia’s handsets and services, so over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you everything you need to know about the handsets and services on offer. Kicking things off we’re casting a beady eye on Ovi and bringing you 12 must know facts about the range of services Ovi brings. As ever, if you want to know everything about a specific topic, handset or service, let us know in the comments below.

For now, join us after the jump for Ovi… 12 things you should know.

Not sure about Ovi? Use it for mail but not much else? Think it’s just an app store? Read on and find out exactly what Ovi is about.

1. Ovi is more than just an app store
Ovi Store is part of the Ovi suite of services – there’s also Ovi files, Ovi Music, Ovi Mail, Ovi Maps, Ovi Share, Ovi Calendar and Ovi Contacts to choose from.

2. Ovi Files are available on your PC
It’s not just on your phone that Ovi is handy. Ovi Files lets you have your docs spread between both your phone and your PC. Edit or amend something on the go and it’ll be there on your home computer even if it’s switched off.  Files also lets you sync important info from your PC or Mac to online storage provided by Nokia. Best of all it’s free to sign-up and you get 10GB per month storage for free.

3. Ovi Files works on multiple PCs
You’re not limited to accessing your files on just the one computer. If you can find an other internet connected PC, Nokia’s web-interface and Anytime Files will let you browse files on that big screen too. Set-up an Anytime Files folder on your desktop for easy access to your important information anywhere. Read more about Ovi Files in the Nokia Conversations Almanac.

4. Ovi Music is not the replacement for Nokia’s Comes with Music
Nokia Comes with Music is a dedicated all you can eat music service available on selected phones, think of Ovi Music as your downloading portal to online music for your phone. Working on a PC as well as a phone, Ovi Music offers a mountainous back catalogue of music for you to browse and buy. Download at home or over a mobile network. It doesn’t end there, Nokia also offers it’s entire store’s contents on a streaming basis for just $10 a month. That is all the music you can listen to, for less than the price of a single album on CD. It’s easy to manage tunes too with Ovi Music Player. See something you like on Ovi Music? Just drag and drop to play. Enhanced views also show your recently added music grouped by albums and you can filter your favourite tracks to help you browse your collection more easily. Hungry for more Ovi Music? Jump over to the Nokia Conversations Almanac to find out more.

5. Ovi Mail can do more than basic mail functions
Ovi Mail does do all the things that you’d expect an email client to do but it does have a few extra tricks too.  You’re always secure when using Mail as it has built-in anti-virus and spam protection. There’s also no fiddly software to install since everything needed is already on the phone and it’ll also sync your contacts, allowing you to get in touch with just a click of a button. It doesn’t end there, there’s also support for IM for instant chats with your friends and family. Find out more about Ovi Mail over on the Nokia Conversations Almanac.

6. Ovi Mail is available for new and older handsets
All the latest handsets have Ovi Mail pre-installed but if you do have an older handset head over to to download some mail goodness.

7. Ovi Mail is suitable for phones with a large or small screen
Ovi Mail is designed for all screen sizes from the smaller series 40 devices like the Nokia C3 to the bigger Nokia N97.

8. Ovi Maps walk and drive navigation is free
Yes you better believe it, Ovi Maps walk and drive navigation is now gratis. The latest version of Ovi Maps includes voice-guided turn-by-turn walk and drive navigation and a bunch of other smart satnav talents initially covering 74 countries in 46 languages. What’s more, with walk navigation you can put your phone in your pocket or bag and have directions whispered to you through your headset. Read about Ovi Maps over on the Nokia Conversations Almanac.

9. Ovi Store apps can be downloaded using WiFi or a mobile internet connection
It’s true if you want a speedy download it’s easier to use WiFi to get your mitts on the latest apps but that’s not the only way. If you’re out and about you can use your mobile network too. Hook up to the internet using 3G, HSDPA or HSUPA on your phone for instant access to a mountainous catalogue of apps and games available on the Ovi Store. Intrigued by the Ovi Store? Head over to the Nokia Conversations Almanac for more.

10. Ovi Store knows where you are in the world
Using your device, your language and the location that you bought the SIM Ovi Store recognises where you are in the world and suggests apps that you might be interested in downloading. Just landed off a plane, Ovi Store will suggest apps on local tourist information, restaurant reviews or travel information.

11. Ovi Store apps can be bought using a credit card or added to your monthly phone bill
You have a choice. You can either pay for the apps as you go with a credit card or you can also request for the cost to be added to your mobile operator’s monthly bill. Operator billing is currently available in 19 countries and 66 operators.

12. Ovi Share is available to everyone and anyone
Anyone can register and log on to Ovi Share right now. Log-in and take a look at all the videos, photos and audio files uploaded by you and your contacts. Feeling inspired? Upload your two pennies worth using your phone. Just make sure you tag links and content for others to find it. You can even embed a slideshow of your pictures that you can then stream direct from Ovi.