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April 21, 2010

Ovi Store downloads break new records

labyrinth_promo1-192x192_GLOBAL – Ovi Store downloads are roaring ahead, with today’s news that Offscreen Technologies have had a combined 25 million downloads of their apps. Users from 210 countries around the world have been sampling Offscreen’s wares with a range of apps on offer for touch devices such as Level Touch, Bright Light Touch and Labyrinth Lite Touch.

With increasing numbers of downloads from Ovi Store, it’s little surprise we’ve seen one publisher pass the 25 million downloads mark. Offscreen CEO, Harri Myllynen, believes that Ovi Store has had a big impact on increasing the popularity of Offscreen’s titles. The company specialises in apps for Symbian and Meamo devices, which it distributes through Ovi Store, but also creates custom apps for clients.

Marko Argenti, VP and Global Head of Media at Nokia said:

“The high popularity of Offscreen apps has contributed to the consistent Ovi Store growth and demonstrates that Nokia device owners have a huge appetite for highly visual content they can quickly download and use repeatedly. We look forward to many more easy to use and visually appealing apps from Offscreen to continue to fuel the growth of Ovi Store.”

Offscreen Technologies wasn’t the only publisher to wave the Ovi Store downloads milestone flag this week. Earlier in the week SMS Preview from publisher Numo soared past the 1 million downloads marker. On the back of the success of SMS Preview, the company is planning to bring another app to Ovi Store shortly, dubbed AutoSync, which promises to be a “hassle-free backup solution”. If it’s anything near as popular as SMS Preview, it’s sure to go down a storm.

Here on Conversations we’re really pleased to see success stories for those who’ve had success with downloads from Ovi Store. Not only is it good for them as publishers of apps, but it’s great for users too, who are clearly downloading and enjoying the good stuff filling Ovi Store’s shelves.