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April 22, 2010

Which of your phone’s features do you use least? (Poll results)

leastfeature_chartGLOBAL – Let’s get one thing straight from the off, the results of this poll will not mean that Nokia will take the most voted feature off it’s phones. Honest. Over a thousand of you voted in this week’s poll and it’s a topic that’s obviously touched a nerve (judging by the comments).  Although the poll question is negative, think of it as being another way of us working out what the most popular features are.

As such, we’re taking a different tack in presenting this week’s results. You voted on the feature you use the least on your device, so we’re presenting those with the fewest votes first and those with the most votes, last. Confused? Don’t be. Read on after the jump for the results of this week’s poll.

Flipping the poll result on it’s head, the internet looks to be a pretty popular feature. Only a few years ago using the internet on the move was a painful and frustrating experience with web pages taking an age to render and most not even bothering to make an appearance at all. What do you think has driven the increase in mobile internet use?

Apps was another strong performer with only one per cent of you voting for it. It’s a huge sign of the success of apps and the Ovi Store. We’ve had apps on S60 devices for years now, but with the release of Ovi Store last year and developer tools becoming more prevalent, it’s no surprise to see an upsurge in the popularity of apps. Is there a particular app that you find the most useful? Have you found an app that you couldn’t possibly imagine living without?

Earlier this week JBC posted a story calling for a 101 uses for your cameraphone and according to these poll results you’re certainly using the camera for something. The camera was in the bottom five of the features that you use least on your phones with just two per cent of you voting it as a feature you use least on you handset.

Fourth and fifth place go to Bluetooth and Calendar with seven per cent and six per cent of the vote consecutively.

Moving onto the top (or bottom) three and taking third spot with ten per cent of the vote was email. With Nokia Messaging taking off it’s now easier than ever to check your messages on the move, whilst Ovi Mail is bringing email to the masses. Will the ability to set up an inbox directly on your phone without the need for a desktop make a difference to the importance of email on your phone? Does the phone you have effect the amount you use email?

Second in line of fire was the video player with 12 per cent of the votes (interestingly the music player was much lower down with only five per cent of the vote). Is it the screen size that hampers watching videos on a mobile phone? Would you like bigger screens for watching videos on the go or is it just something that you just wouldn’t do? In our Design by Community project the majority of you voted for a 4-inch screen size with a 16:9 ratio – would this be more suitable for you to watch video?

Out in front as the feature you use least on your phones was the radio. With 31 per cent of the vote it was a pretty substantial win (or loss) but it didn’t go undisputed. A number of you commented that although you use the radio the least you couldn’t live without it. One commenter in particular seems to capture your thoughts in saying:

“I guess I never used radio in my entire N82 usage during the last 27 months, but I wouldn’t want it to be removed because in any emergency case (like earthquakes) it’s the only reliable way of getting information.”

The radio seems like a pair of old slippers. You don’t use it but it’s nice to know it’s there.

We had plenty of comments on the poll post and over a hundred of you opted for the “other” answer. Most of these champion all the features available on a phone and one commenter said:

This list is the reason I buy smartphones, I use it all”

Do you agree? Do you buy a phone to use all the features or are you feature specific? Let us know in the comments below.