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April 30, 2010

The people’s champion

psychomaniaLANCASHIRE, UKNokia Discussion Forums are a constant hive of activity. There, users can post questions about their mobile tech problems, grab tips to get more from their device or simply let off a bit of steam. It’s a big old community, but one user stands out more than others. Why? Well, this particular user has just posted his 20,000th post on the forum [actually, 20,006 as we write this, ed].

Based in the UK, Psychomania‘s previously owned and used phones reads like a who’s who of Nokia devices. From the 3210 to the 7210, not to mention a smattering of Nseries devices, an E65, Nokia X6 and even the rather tasty 8800 Sirocco. Right now he’s using a Nokia 3720c. No wonder then, that he knows his stuff, too.

Psychomania’s advice doesn’t just stretch to answering users questions which, by the way, don’t just mean helping solve other users problems. He has a solid understanding of all things Nokia and only this week was commenting on the just announced Nokia N8.

One of his most popular posts is a rundown on what to do if a software update goes wrong. Over 70k users have read the post and it’s one of a number Psychomania has produced for the forum’s “pool of knowledge” section, joining his almost-as-popular post “Dropped your phone in water? Here’s what to do next“.

There’s no doubting the great man’s taste either, for we know he’s also an avid reader of this very tome. So, Pschyomania, we salute you. We applaud your hard work and dedication and we will be raising a virtual glass to toast this rather momentous milestone. And hope, please, that we’ll be celebrating your 40,000th post before too long.

From us here on Conversations, the folks at Nokia Discussion Forums and the millions of people in the wider Nokia community you’ve helped, thank you!