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May 4, 2010

MyDailyApp – Carnival Blast, Voice Coach 1.1, Doodle Jump

doodlejump_mydailyappGLOBAL – The sun is shining, the legs are out and the sun cream is on. For us in England our one week of summer is upon us, for those in hotter climes it’s just begun. Fitting then, that this week’s selection of sun drenched apps from MyDailyApp all have a taste of summer about them.

Get the deck chair out, don the shades and join us after the jump for this week’s bright selection from the Ovi Store’s catalogue of apps.

Kicking off this week’s festivities is an app featuring all the fun of the fair, Carnival Blast. We’ve all been to the fun fair to attempt the seemingly impossible coconut (or pumpkin) challenge and the ridiculously hard dunkin’ ducks but now you can do it all on your phone. From exhibiting your shooting prowess to testing your luck, Nextwaves’s Carnival Blast has six classic games for you to play; Puzzle Cups, Smash the Pumpkins, Clown Hockey, Shoot the Duck, Darts and Jackpot. By all accounts it’s a simple enough app to get to grips with and you’ll be getting six games for the price of one. You won’t get that down at your local fete!

Fancy your chances? Watch the video for a sample of what you’ll get. The game is available on various S60 5th edition devices at the bargain price of £1.00. Unfortunately you won’t get a giant teddy bear at the end, just the pride in knowing that you’ve smashed a virtual pumpkin or shot a virtual duck.

Next up in our summer sizzler is Voice Coach 1.1 from Symbadou that’ll help get you on your way to possessing a bikini body (or at least talk you through how to do it). Voice Coach tracks your performance when you’re jogging, cycling, roller skating or just generally moving about.  The app has three modes including chasing a target, competing on your own route or participating in a real race. It gives you voice encouragement on your jaunt and handy tips such as “finish strong” and “don’t stop now”. Can you beat the world 100m record? Could you even beat that time on a bike? Download the app and unleash your inner Usain Bolt. Voice Coach is priced at £1.00 and is compatible with S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition devices.

Completing this week’s trio is Doodle Jump. This may not look like a slice of summer but if you’re waiting for a flight and you’re stuck in departures, you’ll forget that you’re waiting for a plane with this in your back pocket. The premise is quite simple – all you need to do is help the Doodler make his way up from platform to platform, jumping back and forth to make your way higher and higher into the great beyond. With certain devices you use the accelerometer to control your little guy or you can also tap the screen. Here’s the catch; not all platforms are safe. You need to land on the green ones and watch out for the baddies. It’s simple but so addictive. Doodle Jump from Mr Goodliving is available for £3.00 over on Ovi Store.